Buying a New Ford? These are Some of the Top Must-Have Accessories

 Buying a New Ford? These are Some of the Top Must-Have Accessories - BF

So, you have decided to finally buy that new Ford truck that you have been eyeing for the last few weeks. Getting a new vehicle is exciting for everyone. And while all Ford vehicles are some of the most impressive vehicles on the market, they are made to meet the general needs of the driver. If you are wanting to customize the vehicle to make it fit your specific needs, Ford has a wide range of amazing accessories to choose from.

What is the Difference Between OEM Accessories and Aftermarket Accessories

Accessories that are made by Ford are called original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. These parts are made to fit your vehicle's exact make and model. This means that these parts will fit your vehicle perfectly and there is no chance the part will cause damage to your vehicle.  

Aftermarket accessories may look similar to the OEM accessories, but they are made to fit a wide range of vehicles. This means that there is a good chance that the part may be too loose or too small to accurately fit your exact vehicle. Because aftermarket parts have the ability to damage your vehicle, many times, using an aftermarket accessory will void the warranty of your new vehicle.  

Another benefit of using OEM accessories is that you can have your vehicle equipped with them before it is delivered to you. This means that you can have your vehicle exactly as you want it before it arrives at your home or at the dealership. 

Must-Have Accessories for Your Vehicle

Whether you are looking to make your truck match your individual style, or you would like to equip your vehicle with fun accessories that make it more adventurous, Ford has the right accessory for you. Here is a look at some of the most popular accessory options. 

  1. Seat Covers

If you are looking for a way to keep your seats in pristine condition, Ford offers a wide range of seat covers to choose from. There are seat covers that will fit your car, truck, or SUV and that come in a wide range of colors and textures. You can also get seat covers that are water-resistant and tear-resistant to help protect your seats even more. 

  1. Bed Covers

Ford makes bed covers that fit 5.5-foot beds, 6.5-foot beds, and 8-foot beds. You can get a hard or soft cover that can easily fold up and down and will keep all of your belongings safe and dry. 

  1. Roof Rails

Need some extra cargo room to fit your bicycle or extra-large luggage? Roof racks can be the perfect solution. With removable roof racks, you can adjust them to accommodate a wide range of objects. Ford has a wide range of roof racks that come in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit your SUV. 

Ford Must have accessories Roof Rails - BF
  1. Truck Tent

Turn your truck into a portable campsite with the truck tent. The truck tent is made to fit snugly in the bed of your truck and prevents you from having to sleep on the cold, hard ground when camping.

Ford must have accessories Tent - BF
  1. Truck Racks

The bed of the truck was made to hold most of your cargo and equipment. However, if you put bulky items in it, such as ladders and bikes, you could end up damaging the inside of the bed. To prevent this, you could mount a ladder rack or bike rack to the walls of your bed. This will keep the objects above your bed so that it does not cause any damage. It will also free up a lot of space inside of your bed so that you can use it for hauling more cargo. 

Ford must have accessories Rack - BF
  1. Rear Entertainment System

Keep the backseat passengers entertained on long road trips with a rear entertainment system. There are a few options to choose from to fit your needs. You can choose to get a dual monitor system that comes with a DVD player and mounts to the back of the driver and front passenger's seat. Or, you can choose to get one rear monitor that is mounted to the ceiling, which helps ensure that everyone in the rear of the vehicle has a good view of the screen.

Ford Rear Entertainment System - BF
  1. Bed Liner

Protect your bed from dings and scratches with the help of a bed liner. Ford has several bed liner options to choose from, including a durable mat, a soft fabric rug, or a hard plastic cover.

Order Your Ford Accessories Today

Getting a Ford accessory put onto your vehicle cannot only make it more efficient and practical, but it can also make your vehicle match your individual style. If you are not sure which accessory would be right for your new Ford vehicle, feel free to contact us today. Our service department can help you find the right accessory to fit your needs and your budget.

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