Winter Tires In Barrie

If you are in the market for new winter tires, you have come to the right page. Bayfield Ford dealership provides Barrie drivers with a wide selection of tires and rims for winter. Simply use our tool to select the right tires for your car, truck or SUV and book an appointment with us to get your winter tires installed. We also offer the storage service for your summer tires from only $59.95. Contact us for more details.

Why Buy Winter Tires?

At temperatures below 7oC, standard tires progressively lose flexibility, leading to a decrease in traction, handling and vehicle control at lower temperatures. However, the rubber of a winter tire remains supple through temperature decreases and has more sipes – the small cuts in the tread block – which cut through surface water and increase handling control and safety on the road during fall and winter. In fact, the braking distance of a winter tire compared to a standard tire, depending on speed and road conditions, can be up to two vehicle lengths shorter.