Winter Tires In Barrie

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Bayfield Ford provides Barrie drivers with a comprehensive collection of quality winter tires from well-known brands such as Goodyear, Bridgestone and Michelin. You can compare winter tires by price, quality rating, features, and rebates to quickly and easily select the best set of tires for your needs. Once you find the right fit, contact us directly to set up an appointment for installation. We also offer a storage service for your tires from only $59.95.

At temperatures below 7℃, all-season tires progressively lose flexibility, leading to a decrease in traction, handling and vehicle control. Winter tires are very much different.

The special, soft rubber-compound in winter tires remains supple through temperature decreases. Winter tires also have more sipes — the small cuts in the tread block — than all-seasons. This means that winter sets can cut through snow, ice, slush and surface water. This increases handling control and safety on the road during colder weather in the autumn and winter. In fact, the braking distance of a winter tire compared to an all-season tire, depending on speed and road conditions, can be up to two vehicle lengths shorter.

How does the winter tire insurance discount work?

All car insurance companies in Ontario are legally required to gives you a discount on your insurance rates for having winter tires on your car. How your insurance company offers the discount may vary, so make sure to ask yours how it works for details. You may be required to have the winter tires installed by a certain date, for example. In general, the discount ranges from 3-5% of your policy. If you have questions about this discount and how it works, contact your insurance provider!