What Are Demo Vehicles?

What is demo vehicle - Bayfield Ford

Have you ever heard of a dealership selling a “used company demonstrator” or “demo vehicle” and wondered what exactly it was?

Our dealership has demo vehicles for three reasons. First, we use them in order to showcase our new Ford models to customers. We also give them to our sales consultants and dealership executives to get a full and personal experience about what it’s like to own and drive them — that way they can better learn about the vehicles to share what they know with customers. Lastly, from time to time we have the opportunity to purchase Ford or Lincoln Executive-driven company vehicles called CAP units, which afford you significant savings while maintaining all the benefits of purchasing a new vehicle.

Customers can then buy our Ford demo vehicles when they are still virtually brand new, typically having less than 10,000 km on their odometer.

What are the advantages of buying a Ford demo vehicle?

  • They have lower prices than buying a brand new Ford model
  • They still have Ford’s full warranty coverage like our new vehicles
  • They are thoroughly maintained and cared for so, they are still in excellent condition

If you are interested in our used Ford demonstrator models, you can browse our available demo inventory for sale or contact us today for more information.