Why Service Your Vehicle At Bayfield Ford?

The Right Kind of Service at Bayfield
The Right Kind of Service at Bayfield

Trust in the automotive experts in Bayfield Ford's service centre in Barrie for the proper care of your vehicle and your investment. Every new Ford vehicle comes with a detailed maintenance schedule that has been carefully designed to help keep your car or light-duty truck operating at peak efficiency, and in our Ford service department, you'll benefit from expert, affordable care that will leave you fully satisfied.

  • Original Ford parts and accessories in all work carried out, and aftermarket parts available on request
  • Service promotions, updated regularly
  • Convenient online booking of service appointments
  • Full-service collision centre
  • All Ford-certified technicians
  • Service on all types of vehicles, including governmental, ambulances, police, diesel, etc.

There is some variability within your vehicle's maintenance schedule; these variations are designed to reflect different driving conditions and driving styles. Check with your Bayfield Ford service advisor to determine the specific maintenance schedule that will best match your needs.


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FordPass Rewards

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The Right Kind of Service

Scheduled maintenance service at Bayfield Ford begins with an accurate assessment of your vehicle's condition using our Vehicle Report Card.

Your Bayfield Ford service technician will determine whether your vehicle is exhibiting any symptoms of a specific problem, such as rough idling, engine hesitation, or poor fuel economy.

The technician will also assess with you what kind of driving you do most often, such as stop-and-go driving, pulling a trailer, or regular everyday driving, to help you determine which maintenance schedule and service is right for you.

Your answers to these questions will guide your Bayfield Ford service technician when maintenance services are performed, such as:

  • Replace spark plugs
  • Check all fluid levels, including engine oil and transmission fluid
  • Check all exterior light bulbs
  • Check condition of belts and hoses
  • Check condition of the exhaust system

The technician will also check and/or test:

  • Cooling system (coolant and radiator cap), air filter, PCV valve and air cleaner filter
  • Distributor cap, rotor ignition wires and coil
  • Clean battery terminals and check electrolyte level

More than Maintenance

At Bayfield Ford, we offer more than just maintenance services - we also offer light and heavy-duty repairs and collision services for Ford cars and light trucks.

Whatever your needs, our factory-trained technicians and service advisors have the right knowledge, technology and parts and accessories to help ensure your vehicle is operating at its best.