Custom Auto Leasing Solutions in Barrie

Bayfield Ford Lincoln provides custom leasing solutions for individual and business needs in Barrie. Whether shopping for your next vehicle or looking to lease a new commercial fleet for your business, you can find the right package at our dealership.

  1. Two-Payment Plan (New Vehicles)
    Our unique option for the Cash Buyer that allows you to pay for your dream vehicle in 2 installments; while also saving some money in the process.
  2. Commercial Lease
    Ideal for smaller companies that have a fleet of 2-7 units
  3. Challenged/Bruised Credit
    Our custom leasing option for clients with recent Trustee filed Bankruptcies or Consumer Proposals that need a vehicle and a chance to re-establish themselves. Where the banks and other lending institutions charge interests rates of 15-30% we can offer an alternative that is similar to prime rates at 6-8%.
  4. Used Vehicles
    Traditionally only available to finance,  our program allows for the lease on a previously enjoyed vehicle at reasonable rates.

Contact us today to find your perfect leasing option.