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3 Ways To Get To Know Your New Ford

Ford has produced several video guides If you just bought a Ford vehicle, now’s the time to learn all about what it can do for you, so you can get the most out of it. There are tons of useful resources to draw upon, such as the vehicle’s owner’s manual and its recommended maintenance schedule....Read More

Wheels Alignment Checked After Winter

With spring here, plenty of people around Barrie are looking forward to the warmer temperatures and longer days. So, it’s not surprising that many drivers are making plans that involve spending more time out on the road. However, after a long winter, there’s one thing that you should think about, and that’s some after-winter vehicle....Read More

Why's it Important to Have Your Vehicle's Air Filters Checked this Spring

The arrival of spring means many things to the people of Barrie. For most people, it means longer days, better weather, and planning for more outdoor activities. For drivers, it signals the end of icy road conditions and the beginning of better driving. And for some, it can mean the onset of allergy season as....Read More