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Community Events In Barrie This Winter

If you’re looking for fun this winter, Barrie, Ontario has you covered! Whether you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, try new foods or find fun for the whole family, you’ll find what you’re looking for throughout the winter in Barrie. Located only 45 minutes north of Toronto, Barrie is a great location for the....Read More

canada day celebrations in barrie

When summer arrives, Barrie is the city that many people in Ontario come to as a regional vacation destination. So, you can imagine that when we celebrate the proudest day in our nation, Canada Day, on July 1st, there are plenty of activities available! But what exactly can you do in Barrie if you decide....Read More


While Barrie might not be a big urban sprawl in Ontario like Toronto, this city by Lake Simcoe still offers both residents and visitors good times and a slice of the great Canadian lifestyle. For car lovers, Barrie offers a unique chance to dive deeper into Canadian car culture. The Ford name is synonymous with....Read More