Introducing The FordPass Charging Network: North America’s Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Initiative

Introducing The FordPass Charging Network: North America’s Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Initiative

Ford Motor Company takes the next step in working towards an electrified automotive future. As we explored in last month’s article, Ford is expanding electric capability throughout its model lineup. One of the most exciting new electrified additions includes the 2022 F-150 EV.

But investing in an electrified future is no small undertaking. So, how is Ford planning to do this? To recap from last month, the federal government has told Ford that it is willing to do what it takes to bring electric vehicle production to Ontario. This means Ford Motor Company of Canada, along with the Canadian and Ontario governments are investing a total of $1.8-billion to make Ford the first automaker in Canada to build Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) at its Oakville Assembly Complex beginning in 2024. And 5 Ford EV models will eventually be available from that location.

In addition to ramping up EV production, Ford wants to encourage customers to seriously think about switching to electric vehicles. And thanks to the FordPass Charging Network, owning an electric vehicle will be made easy and convenient.

How is the FordPass Charging Network Changing the Game?

Introducing The FordPass Charging Network: North America’s Largest Electric Vehicle Charging Initiative

There are several reasons why a customer might hesitate to switch to an EV. One frequent concern is EV range. Commuters that travel long distances for work might worry about being able to confidently drive to their destination without running out of vehicle charge.

Customers may also be concerned about being able to charge their vehicle at home. Upgrading at-home electrical capabilities to accommodate an EV charging station can be costly, and it may be an expense that customers aren’t willing to spend.

The FordPass Charging Network is looking to tackle these concerns and help customers confidently switch to all-electric vehicles. Now, all fully-electric vehicles will come standard with a Ford Mobile Charger that can charge on any outlet, regardless of outlet power. The Ford Mobile Charger is even capable of charging on higher-voltage outlets, like outlets used for larger household appliances, for example. How quickly your EV recharges will ultimately depend on outlet power, but no matter where you are, you can charge with ease, thanks to the Ford Mobile Charger.

Additionally, the Ford Charging Network will comprise more than 12,000 public charging stations across North America, including fast-charging stations and more than 35,000 charge plugs. This initiative names Ford as the only manufacturer to offer its customers this many public charging station options.

So whether you’re on the road or you’ve reached your destination, Ford provides you with so many ways to stay fully-charged.

Monitoring Your Charge

Keeping track of your vehicle charge is easy, thanks to both in-vehicle data display and the FordPass mobile app. You’ll be able to monitor your vehicle charge as you drive and even as it’s connected to a charging station. And if you’re running low, both your vehicle and the FordPass app can help you locate the nearest charging station.

You can even set charging schedules in advance, so you can always be sure your vehicle is ready to go the next time you get behind the wheel.

Charge with Confidence and Ease

As an additional incentive to switch to EVs, Ford is offering 2 years of complimentary charging at any of the FordPass stations across North America. After the first 2 years, you can easily pre-pay for charging through the FordPass app. You can even check to see if there are available charging ports at your nearest charging station to help you plan ahead.

Driving Electrification Forward

At Bayfield Ford Lincoln, we’re excited to watch Ford work toward an electrified future. We can reduce our carbon footprint and increase the overall driver experience, and as a result, we can look forward to a cleaner environment!

Stay tuned, as we’ll continue to provide you with FordPass updates!

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