Introducing The FordPass Rewards Program

Introducing The FordPass Rewards Program

Being a Ford customer has always had its perks – and now, the perks have gotten even better. Introducing FordPass Rewards: a loyalty program that lets you earn rewards toward complimentary maintenance and that puts the information you want at your fingertips. With FordPass Rewards, staying connected with your vehicle has never been easier. And whether you’re a new or existing Ford customer, you’ll have access to this exciting rewards program.

How to Become a FordPass Rewards Member

Introducing The FordPass Rewards Program

Registering for this rewards program is easy, and it can be done through the FordPass mobile app. Feel free to contact our team at Bayfield Ford to assist you. You will need an active email address to set up an account. Once you accept the terms and conditions of the FordPass platform, you are automatically eligible to begin collecting rewards.

If you’re an existing Ford customer, you might already be familiar with Owner Advantage Rewards (OAR), our previous loyalty program. OAR has transitioned to FordPass Rewards, and existing members and reward balances have been transferred to FordPass Rewards. To complete OAR Points migration, FordPass Rewards members must accept the FordPass Rewards Terms and Privacy Policy within 550 days of program launch.

How to Earn Rewards

Introducing The FordPass Rewards Program

There are many ways to earn FordPass Rewards when you visit Bayfield Ford. From the start of your Ford ownership, you can begin accumulating rewards. In fact, you’ll receive rewards by purchasing your vehicle (sign-up required within the first 60 days of purchase). The most common way for a member to earn Points will be by qualifying purchases of Ford, Motorcraft®, or Omnicraft™ parts or accessories and any associated labour from the dealership. Members will also earn Points for the purchase or lease of a vehicle and may have opportunities to earn additional Points through limited-time Vehicle-Purchase Incentives or Bonus-Point Special Offers.

Only purchase or lease of new vehicles with the activation of FordPass Connect™* if equipped and purchase of Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle with FordPass Enrollment, are eligible for FordPass Rewards: 40,000 and 10,000 FordPass Rewards Points, respectively. New Ford gas-powered models and electric vehicles are eligible for FordPass Rewards.

When you bring your vehicle in for service and certified Ford parts, you’ll earn 10 FordPass Rewards per $1 spent. For example, a member who spends $200 on service will earn 2,000 points. Points will appear on your account within 30 days of the sales transaction and within 10 days of a qualifying service transaction.

How to Redeem Rewards

Introducing The FordPass Rewards Program

You can use your FordPass Rewards points to receive discounted services, accessories and more at your preferred Ford dealership. Your points balance is connected specifically to your FordPass account, and they cannot be gifted or transferred to another account.

1 Point redeemed = $0.005. For example, redeeming 5,000 Points will reduce an invoice by $25 (5,000 * 0.005). The FordPass Rewards Member Portal will automatically perform this calculation during the redemption process.

For now, points are only redeemable in-person at your Ford dealership, but as this rewards program develops, this may be a feature added in the future. You’ll have 365 days to redeem your points balance before they expire, so be sure to use your points if you have them!

Redeemable Services at Your Preferred Ford Dealer

Here are some ways you can redeem points at Bayfield Ford:

  • 12,000 km service: Oil & filter change, tire rotation and multipoint inspection
  • 24,000 km service: Oil & filter change, tire rotation and multipoint inspection
  • 36,000 km service: Oil & filter change, cabin air filter, tire rotation and multipoint inspection
Introducing The FordPass Rewards Program

Learn More About FordPass Rewards

Want to learn more about FordPass Rewards? Contact us today at Bayfield Ford! We’ll provide you with information on points balances, eligible purchases and more. We’ll also help you set up the FordPass app.

Get ready to feel rewarded! Book an appointment today with our Sales team and experience the benefits of owning a Ford.

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