How the FordPass App Makes Your Ford EV Even Better

Ford Pass is making your EV even better

Ford is at the forefront of electric vehicle development, offering increasingly efficient and powerful vehicles at every level of the market. But their innovation doesn't stop with EV powertrain engineering - all their modern electric cars, SUVs, and trucks are compatible with a smartphone app called FordPass which interfaces directly with the vehicle to open up a wide range of features.

FordPass is available for free on both iOS and Android, and here are just some of the ways it can improve your Ford EV experience.

Ford Pass and Ford Charging Network - Bayfield Ford

FordPass and the Ford Charging Network

The FordPass app makes charging your EV easier and more convenient than ever before, especially when used in conjunction with the Ford Charging Network which provides close to 20,000 public charging stations across the whole of North America.

Importantly, the Ford Charging Network includes stations provided by a range of different operators, giving you easy access to the widest possible selection of public charging options. However, at this time Ford vehicles unfortunately can't use Tesla stations without a special adapter, as Tesla chargers use a proprietary interface rather than the standard format used by virtually all other EV makers.

This aside, the benefits of using FordPass with public charging stations are many, with the most important including:

  • Find public charging stations directly from the app, choosing either the nearest one to your current location or stations anywhere along your route.
  • Activate and pay for charging at any compatible station no matter who the provider is, all from a single app instead of needing to sign up for multiple services.
  • Store credit in your app to pay for charging without cash or cards, keeping you safe in the knowledge you can always afford to charge.
  • Check your charging status remotely, removing the need to hang around your vehicle to check on progress. Go grab a coffee and relax before continuing your journey.
Improved Home Charging with FordPass Connect - Bayfield Ford

The FordPass app also offers valuable benefits for charging your EV at home. Using a compatible Ford Connected Charge Station, you can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and control many functions directly from your smartphone.

  • Lock or unlock the charging station remotely to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Schedule automatic charging times to take full advantage of variable energy tariffs.
  • View charging progress directly from your phone.
  • Share your charging station with selected family and friends for versatility and security.
  • View energy usage reports to maximize efficiency and drive down charging costs.

What's more, home charging using a Ford Connected Charger is quicker and easier than with many other home charging stations, delivering up to 48 amps of current to recharge your battery more efficiently.

Features of FordPass - Bayfield Ford

1) Remotely Lock and Unlock Your Ford

The FordPass app lets you lock and unlock your vehicle remotely without using your key fob. Open the doors before leaving your home for greater convenience, with the app working around corners, from behind obstructions, or from distances where a regular key fob might be unreliable. And while FordPass can't help you find lost keys, it means you can still access your vehicle while you arrange official replacements from an authorized Ford service centre.

2) Remote Start and Stop

Similarly, FordPass lets you power up your car without entering the vehicle or using your fob. This is especially useful in the height of summer or the depths of winter, letting you start the climate control system before you leave your home so your car is comfortable as soon as you get in. What's more, you can schedule the auto-start feature to run to a timetable, adding another level of convenience to your daily routine.

3) Advanced Vehicle Locator

At one time or another, everyone's lost track of where they've parked their vehicle in a busy lot. And while FordPass can activate the headlights, horn, and turn signals to help you locate your vehicle, it can also go much further. The system automatically makes a note of your vehicle's GPS location whenever the ignition is turned off, and you can then use the app to navigate directly to its last known position using directions from your smartphone.

4) Enhanced Roadside Assistance

FordPass also makes roadside emergencies less stressful. If you run out of fuel, have a breakdown, or need a tire change, you can summon assistance directly from the app in any area that has a smartphone data connection.

5) Exclusive Rewards Program

Lastly, you can also use your FordPass account to book service appointments, order accessories, arrange other purchases directly from Ford dealerships, and receive reward points to redeem against your next authorized service.

FordPass Application - Bayfield Ford

For all these reasons and more, the FordPass app is an essential addition that makes your Ford EV experience even better.

Our team is happy to guide you into your electric vehicle journey no matter what you choose. Contact us by email, phone, or visit us in person when you're ready.

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