Ford Electric Vehicles 2020—Always Forward, Never Back!

Ford Electric Vehicles 2020

The automobile is the perfect symbol of technology. It’s always changing, always improving, and always doing its job. But the cars people drive today are a far cry from the first Ford automobiles that came off the assembly line over 100 years ago.

But technology in the automotive industry continues to evolve, and one of the biggest changes is the fuel-efficient automobile. Moreover, hybrid-electric and full-electric vehicles are a part of the sustainable future that Ford is committed to pursuing.

It Just Makes Sense

As much as people may love their internal combustion engines, oil is a fossil fuel. That means that it is a finite substance, and it is not a matter of if but when it will run out.

On top of that, the price of gasoline is always in flux. Whether it is due to changes in the market, geopolitical events like wars, or changes in trade agreements, naturally occurring inflation is compounded by unpredictable spikes in pricing. When that unpredictability is combined with the fact that gasoline consumption results in toxic emissions negatively impacting the environment, there are a lot of good reasons to not treat oil as a permanent solution and to look for other alternatives.

The Ford Plan

Ford is committed to eventually producing the best electric vehicles in Canada. Part of that plan is to help drivers transition to more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly electric vehicles. By 2022, Ford hopes to have 40 hybrid or full-electric vehicles on North American roads.

Ford Electric vehicles 2020

This mixed approach makes sense for many reasons. Hybrid-electric vehicles may be a more gentle transition for some; there’s a significant saving in traditional gas consumption when driving is supplemented by electrical power. It also provides more peace of mind in rural areas, where drivers can’t always count the pervasive presence of charging stations and being able to “plug in” and recharge in a variety of locations.

On the other hand, making the transition to a full-electric vehicle means a much quieter ride and no more exhaust emissions that hurt the environment. Of course, the biggest advantage of all is never having to pay for gasoline again, which, over the years, adds up to a lot!

There are now even greater incentives for Canadians, as the Federal Government is now offering rebates for purchasers of hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

ford electric vehicles 2020

The SUV You Know

Ford made waves over 10 years ago when it introduced its pioneer hybrid-electric SUV, the Ford Escape Hybrid. This fall, we continue that tradition with a new 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid, which gives drivers everything they know and love about the Escape.

However, in spring 2020, an additional model will hit the road that is a Plug-In Hybrid, the first of its kind for this trailblazing vehicle.

ford electric vehicles 2020

The Truck You Trust

Part of the Ford electric vehicles 2020 plan goes beyond the familiar hybrid brands. The best way to do that is to introduce drivers to vehicles they already love and improve on the performance they get, while at the same time transitioning from gasoline. That is the promise of the 2020 F150 Hybrid.

One of the most innovative developments for the 2020 F150 Hybrid is that not only does it provide better performance than previous models, but the electrical power of the vehicle also means that it can now be a generator in remote areas. Drivers may no longer have to tow a generator to their worksite!

The Car You Love

Ford’s most ambitious plan, however, is to take on one of the most beloved “muscle cars” in North America and give it an electric twist. The revered Mustang will be getting a 2020 Mustang Hybrid model.

Fans of the Mustang don’t have to worry about compromising speed or power; they’ll get more fuel efficiency and even better performance. The hybrid electric engine will still help to power a V8 engine and provide even more low-end torque, a surprising technical feat made possible by the combination of fuel efficiency and power enhancement that comes with a hybrid engine.

As Ford’s pioneering effort in what is now being thought of as “hypercars”, the future is looking more powerful, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

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