2021 Shelby Speedster

2021 Shelby Super Snake Speedster

Raw Shelby Performance - The 2021 Shelby Speedster

With a fresh look and even more refinement, the new 2021 Shelby Super Snake is back and better than ever. All-new for 2021 is the extremely limited-edition convertible Speedster Edition which transforms the car into a two-seat roadster with a hard top tonneau system, accompanied by unique stripping and badging.

With a limited run of only 98 Super Snakes being built in celebration of the 98th anniversary of founder Carroll Shelby’s birth, check out all of the cool features that will have you wanting to get your hands on the limited edition new Mustang Super Snake today.


The Shelby Super Snake offers nothing but the best in Shelby engineered components. New for 2021, you’ll notice a slick, speedster body style. As a speedster, the Mustang has had the back seats removed in favour of a custom tonneau, giving it a track-ready look. The aerodynamics have also been improved.

With aluminum wide body front fenders, a metallic Super Snake ram-air hood with functional vents, a front fascia with air managed grilles, ducts and splitter, side rockers with rocker wings, and a rear spoiler, tail panel and diffuser, the Shelby Super Snake is a rare combination of sleek elegance and muscle machismo.

For an added touch, you’ll also love the Super Snake striping and badging, deep-tinted windows, and Shelby louvred quarter windows.

If you’re looking for something a little extra when it comes to a style that best reflects you, you can also opt for additional features such as classic painted stripes, Shelby by Penske track suspension, and rear seat delete with harness bar.

Shelby Super Snake Wide Body Rear
Shelby Super Snake Wide Body Front
Shelby Super Snake Wide Body Rolling


Inside the vehicle is a custom instrument cluster, while other optional extras include a Penske suspension package and a wide-body kit. Some of the more notable interior features include:

  • Shelby spec interior upgrade
  • Floor mats and door sill plates
  • Gauge cluster with gauges
  • CSM badging on the engine and dash
  • Engine cap set
  • Convertible light bar (available in the convertible option only)
Shelby Super Snake Interior Seats


Powering the Super Snake Speedster is a 5.0-litre V8 that’s been supercharged to provide 825 horsepower. All that twist is sent to the rear wheels only via either an automatic transmission, or for the brave, a manual shifter version.

The 2021 Super Snake Speedster launches from 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds. With new suspension and brakes, it carves up the road or the track with ease. Yet it is still tractable, able to roll down the street like a king on its Shelby 20-inch one-piece forged aluminum wheels (black or bright) and high-performance tires.

It also offers Shelby-specific Brembo brakes with a proprietary Shelby cooling system (red, 6 piston front, 4 piston rear).

Some other notable performance features include:


  • Shelby extreme cooling (radiator, aluminum tank, heat exchanger)
  • Shelby by Borla exhaust system
  • Performance half shafts
  • Transmission cooling (automatic only)
  • Short throw shifter


  • One-piece drive shaft (manual only)
  • Ford Performance wheel studs
  • Ford Performance track handling pack
  • Shelby performance spec tires
  • Shelby brake & bearing duct cooling system
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Again, only 98 Super Snakes will be built in the United States this year; however, a limited number will be built worldwide and each will be branded with a unique CSM number that will be included in the Official Shelby Registry.

Order yours with us today! 

The 2021 Shelby Super Snake has the most diverse offering of Shelby cars based on the Ford Mustang in history. While the Shelby GT is designed for intense personalization and daily driving, from the Shelby GT to the Shelby Speedster, you’re sure to find the one that perfectly reflects your style and drive.